The Revenue Stamps of Mauritius

by John Wilson

Acknowledgements and References

I am greatly indebted to many people and publications in attempting to bring together so much of the known and preserved information about the Revenue Stamps of this small but fascinating country, and the following is a list of them.

I am almost certain that I shall have missed someone, because of the extensive nature of the research. If anyone finds that they have been excluded, then I can only plead incompetence, and my assurance that the exclusion is not deliberate. The order is alphabetical, and therefore there is no order of preference.

Antoine, Mico - Mauritius - President of the Mauritius Philatelic Society - for helpful information.
Amos, Rob - Chesterfield , Derbyshire - for bills of exchange and cheques.
Baddeley Brothers - print techniques and blind embossing.
Barber, William A and Seidleman, Norman - for Barber's work "The Impressed Duty Stamps of the British Colonial Empire" and for the supply of some original material.
Barefoot, John Ltd - use of the catalogue of British Commonwealth Revenues (2008 edition).
Bills of Exchange Act 1882
Booth, John - librarian of the Cinderella Club - information on the earliest impressed stamps.
British American Tobacco Mauritius - statistics on tobacco trade.
British Overprint Society - postal order copies.
British Postal Museum and Archive - online catalogue.
Cinderella Club - extracts from "Cinderella Philatelist".
Copyright and Patents Act 1988.
Decaen's Arrete.
De La Rue - original archive material.
Delcampe - copies of passport and impressed duty stamps.
Encyclopedia Britannica - various definitions and sundry information.
Feldman, David - Auctioneer - supply of original material.
Forbin, A - Catalogue Fiscal.
Gaertner, Christoph -Auctioneer - supply of material, copies of old auction lots etc.
Gibbon, David - Chairman of the Indian Ocean Study Circle - for his constant encouragement, and supply of data.
Govind, Iswanarth - Museum Executive, Mauritius Postal Museum - for continuing helpful assistance on local research.
Heimer, Zeljko - image of coat of arms of Mauritius.
High Commission for the Republic of Mauritius, Canberra - leaflet showing comparative charges for cheques and postal orders.
Hopson, Sue - Secretary of the Indian Ocean Study Circle - for her guidance and not inconsiderable time in helping me.
Hutton, Eric - Editor of "10" - for various suggestions on the book's contents.
Ibbotson, Peter - for his books and articles.
Lacey, Malcolm - Postal Historian - for supply of some unique material and constant encouragement.
Le Defimedia - online details of James Blyth, founder of Blyth Brothers.
Loffstadt, David and Pat - Auctioneers and Dealers - for the supply of original material.
Mauritius Revenue Authority - articles on tobacco tax.
Mauritius Sugar Syndicate Act 1951
Philangles - Auctioneers - for material.
Shawley, John - Correspondence on revenue stamps used for postage.
Tobacco Board - Tobacco production in Mauritius.
Wren, Doctor George - for his writings and catalogue on early Mauritius revenues.

Note: please make contact if you wish to discuss the above list.